RAW Feeding Starter Guide

Transitioning your dog or cat can be quite a daunting task, especially as so many people approach RAW feeding in entirely different ways. Here at Rawral Natural Pet Store we have put together a simple guide to help you to understand the basics. It's not rocket science and a lot easier than you think! 

  • We have an extensive range of complete minces so you do not have any guess work, based on the BARF principles. Natural Instinct, Benyfit Natural and Nurture them Naturally offer tasty balanced meals that your pet can enjoy everyday without getting bored. 
  • Our 80:10:10 ranges are based on the Prey Model for those who want to add your own elements or believe dogs eat nothing but meat, bone and offal. This is our personal favourite - supplementing with our own choice of fruits, vegetables and oils. 
  • Why not try the Raw Meaty Bones approach and fulfil your carnivores needs with a range of chicken wings, drumsticks, necks and ribs. We have a great range of common and novel proteins such as horse necks and kangaroo chunks. 

Whatever you may wish to follow, we all aim to give a healthy balanced diet whether its everyday or over several days. Always remember health is not simply the absence of sickness. Give your pooch or pussy the diet that nature intended for them. 


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