Puppy Feeding Guide


We firmly believe here at The Raw Superstore that raw feeding should be our first choice, never second or last resort. When done correctly, raw feeding from a pup can set up a healthy, robust digestive system for life. As the sole food provider for your dog, it is your responsibility to act in their best interests. They are domesticated wolves and feeding a species appropriate diet is paramount. Finding a breeder who has already started this process for you is handy but if not, we are here to help! There is lots of conflicting information on the internet so we have made a very simple transition guide for you to follow...


It's important that you leave any preconceived idea of dog food behind as you are now entering a new chapter of pet nutrition. Puppies can transition quicker than adults and there are a couple of ground rules. We help transition several puppies every week with great success. 

  • Do not mix wet or dry dog food with raw. 
  • Defrost in the fridge and never cook food intended to be fed raw. 
  • Have two meal times per day (three under 16 weeks old).
  • Feed after gentle exercise to stimulate appetite. 
  • Do not leave food down to be grazed. 
  • Feed only natural treats from a reputable supplier. 
  • Supervise your puppy at meal times. 

Food is a reward and your puppy should look forward to meal times with great enthusiasm! 


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DAYS 1 - 3

We recommend to use Dog Knosh Green Lambs Tripe. It is not for the faint hearted due to its unique smell, but it is the perfect starter protein containing no bone or offal. Tripe is the stomach of a ruminating animal providing beneficial gut bacteria and digestive enzymes to your pooch. Even though it's stinky, your puppy's micro-flora will thank you for it!

DAYS 4 - 6

You can then introduce white meat such as Dog Knosh Chicken & Tripe or Dog Knosh Turkey & Tripe for those who may be allergic to Chicken. These blends are generally 90% meat and 10% bone. We do not introduce offal just yet to allow room for sensitive taste buds and help prevent loose stools. 

DAYS 7 - 9

Water consumption may have reduced and stools may have become much firmer at this point. What a transformation already! Your puppy will drink less because raw food contains a considerable amount of moisture. They are also utilising their food creating less waste. You can now introduce another protein such as Dog Knosh Duck & Tripe. 

DAYS 10 - 12

It's time to introduce offal, so using a balanced raw meal is ideal. We would recommend Dog Knosh Chicken Complete which is a blend of 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal. Alternatively, you can use Dog Knosh Turkey Complete if your pup is allergic to chicken. Expect poops to loosen a tad but everything should normalise within a couple of days. 


One of our key phrases at The Raw Superstore is that variety is the spice of life and the key to longevity. After introducing white meats, move on to red meats and novel proteins. Initially, it's possible to mix 3/4 Chicken Complete with 1/4 Beef Complete, working up to a full red meat meal. We recommend to feed at least five different proteins a week with the addition of oily fish and eggs




Some brands offer puppy specific raw food because puppies have different nutritional requirements than adults. Sometimes they adapt their recipes whereas others may simply mince their product more finely. This is why reading the ingredients list is essential! We do recommend using puppy specific raw for weaning puppies and can be used up to twenty weeks old. 
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