Boil & Broth Collagen Powder

Boil & Broth Collagen Powder

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Boil & Broth's bone broth powder for pets is a cheaper and easier way to store bone broth without the need for freezer space. It sits in a container on your shelf and has a long life too. The bone broth powder is in a screw-top container with a scoop. Use the scoop to measure out the broth for each serving.

How to use

Put one scoop (supplied) of bone broth powder into 100ml of hot water and stir thoroughly to stop the broth from clumping. Allow to cool down before giving to your dog/cat. Serve as a drink or mix in with their meal. You can also add a level scoop of broth powder to your pet’s meal. The pot contains 35g of bone broth powder (approx 7 servings). This can restore back to 750ml of bone broth.

Want more collagen? Then simply add another scoop!

✔ Bone broth at your own convenience. 
✔ Jam packed full of nutrients. 
✔ Quality source of collagen and protein. 

Ingredients: Beef bones (70%), water, apple cider vinegar. No added ingredients; simply broth.