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Boil & Broth Kefir Water

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Boil & Broth's water kefir juice is abundant in live cultures. It's these live cultures that colonise in the gut of your pet, helping to bring some balance back to your pets microbiome. Through the process of fermentation, water kefir grains are added to sugar and filtered water to allow the grains to ferment for 24-hours. During the process of fermentation, bacteria and yeasts are produced, as well as natural gases such as CO2 to create a carbonated drink to quench your thirst.

As science is always important, Boil & Broth sent their kefir water off to the lab for bacteria testing. The results were astounding! It was discovered that in only 1ml there was approximately 97,000,000 Lactobacillus bacteria. That means that when your pet ingests a small amount of water kefir juice, you are sending gazillions of happy bacteria’s and yeast straight to their gut.

Keeping your pets gut health in check can help them stay on a good path of wellness, ensuring they do can benefit from natural probiotics can put them in good stead to fight off viral and bacterial infections.

Not to be used as a main meal for supplement use only. Please be careful when opening the bottles of water kefir juice. They are fizzy. Open slowly, especially after transit.

✔ Brilliant for keeping on top of good gut health. 
✔ Great source of nutrients. 
✔ Once opened store in the fridge. 

Ingredients: Water, kefir grains, demerara sugar and molasses (for fermenting), bicarbonate of soda & dried fruit.