Finer By Nature Diatomaceous Earth

Finer By Nature Diatomaceous Earth

Finer by Nature
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Premium amorphous food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from plant derived diatomite rock, with unique properties designed by nature ‘Organic’ approved feed additive for dogs, cats and some other domestic pets. Helps to maintain good nail, skin and coat condition.

This product has been approved as a feed additive which means it is perfectly safe to offer to your pet. Can be fed and applied topically for fleas and other parasites.

A totally natural way to fight all sorts of unwanted parasitic visitors or can be used safely around the house should your pets transfer their fleas to the carpet or other areas which is often the case (even if you don’t think it is). It works by absorbing the waxy layer which these creatures produce on their outer layers, drying them out and killing them.

✔ 100% Food Grade. 
✔ Tasteless & odourless. 
✔ Anti-flea, anti-tick, anti-mite & aids digestive health. 

Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth.