GWF Nutrition Raw Aid Supplement

GWF Nutrition Raw Aid Supplement

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GWF Raw Aid is a high specification supplement for raw food diets, designed to provide 27 essential daily vitamins and minerals. It allows all cats and dogs to thrive on a natural raw food diet. 

The supplement contains coconut meal, taurine, seaweed meal and Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance. Contains choline to support cognitive health. 100% grain free and 100% non-GM, soya free formulation. It is manufactured to Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) standards as palatable, easy-to-feed 2mm pellets.

Raw Aid can be fed to any cat or dog on a raw food diet to provide essential daily vitamins and minerals. Raw Aid is suitable for pregnant and lactating females as well as puppies and kittens from weaning*.


Analytical Constituents

  • 16% Crude Protein
  • 9% Crude Fat
  • 16% Crude Fibre
  • 13.5% Crude Ash
  • 4% Starch
  • 5% Sugar
  • 1.7% Calcium
  • 1.1% Potassium
  • 0.6% Sodium
  • 0.6% Phosphorus
  • 0.2% Magnesium
  • 5.2% Omega 3 Fatty Acids


  • Micronized (Sugar) Beet Pulp
  • Hemp Seed Meal
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Toxin Binder, Mono & Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids
  • Grass Seed Meal
  • Copra Meal
  • Sunflower & Linseed Oil
  • Cane (Sugar) Molasses
  • 0.3% Seaweed Meal
  • Salt

Nutritional Additives

Trace Elements (/kg)

  • 3000mg Zinc (3b609 Zinc Chloride Hydroxide Monohydrate & 3b603 Zinc Oxide)
  • 1100mg Iron (3b103 Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate)
  • 510mg Manganese (3b507 Dimanganous Chloride Trihydroxide & 3b502 Manganese (II) Oxide)
  • 200mg Copper (3b405 Copper (II) Sulphate Pentahydrate)
  • 25mg Iodine (3b202 Calcium Iodate Anhydrous)
  • 3mg Selenium (3b815 L-Selenomethionine)
  • 2mg Selenium (3b8018 Sodium Selenite)

Vitamins (kg)

  • 9550mg Choline (3a890)
  • 2450mg Vitamin E (3a700 Alpha Tocopherol)
  • 300mg Pantothenic Acid (3a841)
  • 260mg Betaine (3a925)
  • 140mg Vitamin A (E160a (ii) Beta-Carotene & 3a672a Retinyl Acetate)
  • 100mg Vitamin B1 (3a820)
  • 100mg Vitamin B2 (3a826)
  • 50mg Vitamin B6 (3a831)
  • 30mg Folic Acid (3a316)
  • 5mg Biotin (3a880)
  • 3mg Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
  • 1.3mg Vitamin K (3a710)
  • 1mg Vitamin D3 (3a671 Cholecalciferol)

Sensory Additives

Flavour Enhancers (/kg)

  • 10g Taurine
  • 1000mg Carnitine
  • 230mg Premixture of Flavouring Compounds

Technological Additives

Binders & Anti-Caking Agents (/kg)

  • 5gm Calcium Sulphate (E516)
  • 4.5gm Sepiolite (E562)