Finer by Nature Scottish Salmon Oil

Finer by Nature Scottish Salmon Oil

Finer by Nature
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Your pet’s body can’t make Omega 3 itself, so it must be consumed. Our pets can get too much Omega 6 from their diet, especially if it is a commercial one. The high levels of Omega 3 in this Salmon Oil helps to balance this into a much more suitable ratio. This healthy natural oil can be fed to pets of all ages, as it benefits healthy growth and development in puppies, right through to the signs of ageing such as stiff joints. It will treat your pet from the inside out.

Finer by Nature Scottish Salmon Oil is sourced from only fresh Scottish Salmon, which have been ethically and sustainably sourced and raised in deep sea loughs in Scotland under natural and environmentally compatible conditions. This is the salmon that you see in upmarket supermarkets, fishmongers, and in good restaurants. The oil is produced within 12 hours of the salmon being taken from the water.

✔ Contributes to good skin condition & glossy coats. 
✔ Aids cardiovascular and cognitive health. 
✔ Supports joints. 

Ingredients: Salmon oil (99.5%), antioxidants (natural tocopherols 0.5%).