The Dogs Butcher Horse Chunks

The Dogs Butcher Horse Chunks

The Dogs Butcher Raw Dog Food
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The Dogs Butcher is a firm favourite amongst raw feeders. All meats are sourced in the UK, mostly from local farms and the poultry is free range. Using only the best of British produce, they take pride in providing the finest quality raw dog food. The Dogs Butcher use only high welfare meats and are often of organic origin. The minces are lovely and chunky, packing a crunch in every bite. 

Horse is a novel protein and a good choice for those with allergies to common proteins. These chunks can be used as part of a RAW DIY diet.     

✔ DEFRA Approved Manufacturer.
✔ Highly rated in the raw feeding community. 
✔ Ethically sourced British meats. 
Ingredients: Horse.