NTN Superfood Chill Out Duck, Pork & Beef

NTN Superfood Chill Out Duck, Pork & Beef

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Popeye didn’t eat his greens for nothing you know. Getting a daily dose of our ‘super’ greens is going to give your dogs body a boost. This really is a muscle strengthening, digestive aiding, bone supporting, brain boosting super blend of a meal.

The benefits of these superfoods are:

Carrot Powder: The nutrient alpha-carotene, potassium, B6, Vitamin A and biotin, all have sleep enhancing properties.

Turmeric: Can reduce inflammation, detox, boosts your dogs  immune system and eases the digestion.

Ginger: Helps your dog  to relax and support the digestive system. This wonder spice binds to serotonin receptors that helps to sooth overall mood and anxiety.

Cinnamon: A powerful anti-oxidant, helping to reduce inflammation and ward off germs. This well-known spice helps you to relax and alleviate stress.

Lucuma: Nicknamed the “Gold of Incas”, this South American fruit helps balance blood sugar levels and induce optimal sleep. Due to its high fibre content, it also helps feed your dogs gut bacteria, improve heart health and reduce inflammation.

Ashwagandha: Having been used for over 3000 years to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration, this important medicinal herb is classed as an adaptogen. It helps your body to manage stress and relieve anxiety. This herb supports the body and brain in numerous ways, especially sleep.

✔ DEFRA Approved Manufacturer. 
✔ Human Grade British Ingredients.
✔ All poultry products are free range and antibiotic free. 
Ingredients: Duck meat with bone, pork Meat, ox offal, Carrot Powder, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lucuma & Ashwagandha.