NutriWolds Yorkshire Rainbow Trout

NutriWolds Yorkshire Rainbow Trout

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This product is suitable for both cats and dogs! 

This very special Yorkshire Rainbow Trout is made using the finest whole trout from the super local Wansford Trout. The trout is raised in the natural chalk spring waters of Blue Keld (the same used for the bottled water and ice). As trout is very rich in vitamin D, we have balanced the recipe with lean cuts of grass fed beef.

All ethically and sustainably sourced and lovingly made at NutriWolds HQ. The cartons and lids are all made from bagasse, which is a by-product of sugar cane, a sustainable crop, our sleeves are made from fully recyclable card which is currently seeking biodegradable certification. All inks and glues are biodegradable. 

✔ Suitable for all life stages. 
✔ Human Grade British Ingredients.
✔ Grain and filler free. 

Ingredients: Lean Grass Fed Beef (33.45%), Whole Wansford Rainbow Trout (18.36%), Grass Fed Ox Heart (8.70%), Grass Fed Ox Kidney (7.84%), Grass Fed Ox Liver (5.90%), Organic Red Cabbage (5.4%), Organic Mooli (4.33%), Oyster (3.83%), Grass Fed Ox Spleen (3.44%), Organic Courgette (2.58%), Grass Fed Ox Rib (2.19%), Organic Pumpkin Seeds (1.29%), Organic Cold Pressed Hempseed Oil (0.69%), Organic Parsley (0.32%), Organic Fresh Ginger (0.31%), Himalayan Pink Rock Salt (0.26%), Organic Turmeric (0.26%), Organic Sundried Tomato (0.25%), Organic Wheatgrass (0.25%), Organic Sage (0.23%), Wild Grown Seaweed (0.15%).