Proflax Golden Oldies

Proflax Golden Oldies

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Golden Oldies is a premium 100% natural superfood supplement that contains 75% cold pressed flaxseed oil and a 25% formula of 7 carefully selected concentrated active herbal tinctures; Bacopa, Dandelion, Ganoderma, Boswellia, Hawthorn, Withania and Liquorice.

This fabulous blend supports the health of all of the above organs and systems plus aids cognitive function, has pain relieving & calming properties and helps to modulate blood sugar & regulate blood pressure. Flaxseed oil helps to support mobility, regulate metabolism, support the health of the reproductive system and gives a shiny healthy coat. The active ingredients also provide nutritional support.

Golden Oldies contains 5 adaptogenic herbs which are a unique class of healing herbs that help to balance, restore and protect the body both physically and emotionally. The herbs in this formula have been selected by a holistic vet for maximum efficacy. Visible relief and health benefits can be seen in as little as 7 days in some dogs.

Feed once daily or every other day depending on the level of support required.  Shake well before every use and store in the fridge to maintain freshness. 

✔ Contains seven high strength active herbs. 
✔ Bursting with naturally plant based fatty acids. 
✔ Healing and pain relieving. 

Ingredients: Cold pressed Flaxseed oil and an active herbal formula consisting of Bacopa, Dandelion, Ganoderma Lucidum, Boswellia, Hawthorn, Withania & Liquorice root.