The Easy Raw Dog Food Co Pork

The Easy Raw Dog Food Co Pork

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These meals are made from a coarse mince (10mm if you really want to know!) of locally sourced pork, lamb tripe, free-range chicken carcass and pork offal as standard. A coarse mince texture gives your dog a chance to exercise their jaw muscles from chewing leaving them more mentally and physically satisfied. Win-win.

We do the really, really hard part for you by carefully measuring everything out, mincing it and then making it into individual meal-sized portions. That way your dog gets a meal that has the correct 80/10/10 ratio which is considered a complete balanced raw meal and you get a mess-free, easy way of giving it to them.

✔ DEFRA Approved Manufacturer. 
✔ Human Grade British Ingredients.
✔ Easy 100g sized portions. 
Ingredients: Prime Pork Mince, Lambs Tripe, Free Range Chicken Carcass, Pork Kidney, Pork Liver, Turmeric & Kelp.