Nutriment Sensitive Support

Nutriment Sensitive Support

Nutriment Enhanced Raw Diet
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Nutriment’s Sensitive Support formula is specifically designed to maintain overall canine health, paying specific attention to dog’s digestion systems who may need a little extra nutritional support. Rich in essential nutrition, from high-quality, biologically appropriate ingredients, our sensitive support formula is formulated by in-house canine nutritionists whose priority is animal health and happiness.

Free from grains, additives and artificial ingredients, raw dog food forms part of a species-appropriate diet which is easy to digest, great-tasting and well textured, to provide an enjoyable eating experience for dogs, whilst promoting their health and wellbeing through weight management.

✔ DEFRA Approved Manufacturer
✔ Human Grade British Ingredients
✔ Grain and filler free. 

Ingredients: British Green Tripe, British White Tripe, British Turkey with Bone, Fresh Butternut Squash, Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Curly Kale, Sunflower Seeds, Nettle, Slippery Elm, Chickweed & Oregano.