Wormcount Kit

Wormcount Kit

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Wormcount Kit - an alternative to routine worming. This simple kit will tell you if your dog or cat has worms, if your current wormer is working well and if you need to worm your pet at all. It tests for Tapeworm, Round Worm, Hook Worm & Whip Worm. It is suitable for all cats/dogs and each pack contains one test for one pet with full instructions. 

The Wormcount Lab will screen for many parasites which affect your pet. These include all species of roundworm, tapeworm and coccidia. They also inform you if there is excess fat or fibre in the sample which can be very useful to your vet in pre-diagnosis of some digestive conditions. 

Let's stop unnecessary chemical treatment of our pets! 

✔ 100% reliable and safe.  
✔ Results back within a few days.  
✔ Informs you if and what intestinal parasites your pet may have.