Warriorbullz Organic Bee Pollen

Warriorbullz Organic Bee Pollen

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Adding Warriorbullz Organic Bee Pollen can benefit your dog is so many ways! It is considered one of mother natures powerhouses and is packed with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, proteins and fats. 

Bee Pollen contains quercetin which is considered a natural antihistamine. When given regularly, it can help reduce allergy symptoms. It also contains trans-cinnamic acid which is a natural antibiotic. 

Antioxidants of flavanol, resveratrol and lycopene found in bee pollen, along with vitamins A, B, C, K and E help to ward off infections by strengthening the body’s ability to overcome or prevent inflammation while regenerating the cells.

Nearly a dozen major enzymes and several thousand minor enzymes and co-enzymes in bee pollen help with food digestion and absorption of nutrients while regulating the immune system.

    Ingredients: bee pollen. 

    Dosage: The recommended dose for a dog is 1/2 teaspoon per 10kg. Start with 1/3 dose and gradually increase over several days.